"Our Origins" Archaeology Branch of Motol Museum of Folk Arts

Museum history:

The branch of archeology "Our Origins" was created on the basis of the Motol Museum of Folk Art in 2013.

Museum exposition:

The exposition is aimed at showing the historical events that took place in the south of modern Belarus from the Paleolithic period to the period of Kievan Rus. The departments contain maps of the borders of archaeological cultures of the corresponding period, images or models of housing from different periods, archaeological materials found during excavations of the sites of the region.

In each section, the economic activity of the local population, hunting, fishing, gathering, farming and animal husbandry, as well as the spiritual life and religious ideas of our ancestors are presented in dynamics.

The exposition is supplemented with diagrams, illustrations, photographs and text materials. For a vivid idea of ​​the life of the ancestors, the exposition includes four dioramas. Especially for the museum, models of the first vertical loom, bow and arrows, a drilling machine and ceramic dishes were created.